The following people represent their subdivisions at the monthly LEAPO Board Meetings.   Representatives are needed for some locations !! Call 995-2629 today to be an asset to your community and give your subdivision a voice.

  An Associate member serving with the Board of Directors attends most meetings and can serve on committees.  They have volunteered services when asked.  They serve but they are not able to vote on issues before the board.

Subdivision  Representitive Contact Information
Adams Acres Terri Machel 773-919-4674
Cedar Hills NEEDED
Clifty Bay Arlene Rhodes 995-9042
Clifty Heights Terry Dunning 303-0259
Country Club Carla Joseph 254-833-3057 
Crestwood Estates Diana Schaefer 995-1780
Deer Ridge Peggy Wolberg 993-0020
Eagle Point Bay Alun Hughes 995-2367
Eagle Point Bay Carol Oldham 995-2705
Eagle Point Bay Judith Kuehling 995-9620
Eagle Point Bay Debbie Asaturian 549-7085
Egypt Shores Betty Lamkin 996-2128
Egypt Shores Kym Hubert 993-9453
Egyptian Acres Sherie DeDore 312-388-0906
Egyptian Hills 1 Gary Taylor 697-7444
Egyptian Hills 4 Mark Humphrey 996-2699
Fopal Sue Stucky 995-1309
Graham's Lakeside Acres Ernie French 995-1511
Hunt's Resort Raymond Kemerling 996-3607
Lakecrest Tina Grant 641-373-3949
Lake Estates Patricia Nardini 559-4954 
Luxor Landing Sue Mueller 615-877-2341
Mallards Landing NEEDED
North Shoreland Linda Escherich 964-9122
North Shoreland Tim Tindall 435-1784
Pharaoh's Gardens Gary Rhodes 996-8408
Pharaoh's Gardens  NEEDED
Robinwood (1st & 2nd edition) Tammy Harris 237-1915
Robinwood (3rd edition) Leroy Pfaltzgraff 319-0446
Robinwood (4th edition) Arlene Dueker 559-7803
Saline Rock Ginny Lambert   995-2629 
Sleepy Hollow Barb Dauer 995-2855
Sugar Creek Peggy McPhillips 995-1144
Sunset Harbor George Little 964-1551
The Peninsula Chuck Querrey 630-674-0613
Three Star NEEDED
Wagon Creek Haven Betty Schultz 995-2194
Wagon Creek Point NEEDED
Wagon Creek Ranch Steve Bly 996-2720
Westgate I Ed Simmons 630-877-2341
Westgate II NEEDED
Woodland Hills Debra Hilt  995-2508
Jan Bly  Wagon Creek Ranch  996-2720
Rich Escherich  North Shoreland  964-9122
Kathleen French  Graham's Lakeside Acres  995-1511
Kathy Holbrook  Egyptian Hills 314-640-6945
Sharon Hughes  Eagle Point Bay  995-2367
Tom Joseph    Country Club   
Nancy Mallon  Sugar Creek 217-417-3122
Lori Pfaltzgraff  Robinwoods 319-1278
At Large  Fire Chief Kirby Crites  964-1278
If you live in one of the subdivisions listed as NEEDED
Call 995-2629 to lend a hand to your neighbors
and serve your community.
Southern Trust Bank